News in LED technology

LEDbow LEDbow the largest manufacturer
of LED displays
  • We have a new interactive website

    We are delighted to present our new website We created a site with responsive design so that you can also comfortably browse our references and products on mobile phones and tablets. You can easily filter products and references according to many criteria. Selected references are complimented with an attractive photo gallery. You can also browse more than 120 chronologically-ordered projects that we realised in the past 12 years. We prepared an english version of the website for our international clients.

  • New corporate identity and logos

    We decided to rebrand our company because we are widening our portfolio of offered products and we want to further develop our company image. We are a modern and innovative company active in the LED technologies sector and that is exactly what our new identity reflects. To our main brand logo LEDbow Displays specialized in LED displays and professional products, we added LEDhouse (our showroom) and LEDbow Lighting specialized in LED lighting products and control systems.

  • Give your shop-front a modern look

    LED store sign is a unique shop sign with LED display. We offer the product in two variations – single-sided and double-sided signs. The advantage of the LED store sign product is its simple installation and maintenance; once you have connected it to the electricity the content is managed using WiFi. This way you can simply and quickly update and edit the content on your store sign according to current supplies and requirements.

    Replace your old sign and draw attention to your shop and its products in a modern way. This is a unique communications channel, through which you will engage potential clients much more effectively than with a common sign. Specifications and technical parameters of the LEDbow store sign can be found in the product catalogue. For more information and prices contact us on the telephone number +86 139 2866 4939.

  • LED lighting range widened!

    We are widening the range of LED Lighting for both COMMERCIAL applications (like homes, shops, rooms, offices, walls, ceiling, corridors, etc) and INDUSTRIAL applications (like workshops, super markets, warehouses, stadiums, tunnels, streets, etc ), which we will offer under the uniform brand LEDbow. We also offer LED lighting control systems. The intuitive logo for LED lighting is part of our corporate identity.

    LED lighting and LED technologies have a wide range of uses in many fields. We offer atypical and modern LED lighting solutions that will illuminate both your interior and exterior. Come get inspired in our company, where we will gladly give you advance and recommend solutions tailored special for your applications.

  • A really large display

    LEDbow LED TV – diagonally from 84'' to 140'' in prices starting at US $ 10,150.00. Imagine your products on a really large display with extremely high brightness and contrast. The installation is simple and will not take more than an hour while the integrated player guarantees the easy management of content over WiFi. That way you can easily update and edit the content according to your requirements.

    LEDbow TV offers a truly high-quality display. The display has an integrated processor, which enables the direct connection of videosignals (DVI, HDMI reduction to DVI – both 1024x768 til 1920x1080, and USB). When a flash disk is connected to the USB port, the content is played in alphebetical order (AVI, MPEG, etc.). Therefore no PC is needed for displaying basic presentations, just plug in your flash disk and you're done.