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LEDbow 100inch P3 Indoor LED display

Customized LED Thinnest display


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LEDbow system brightness wide viewing angles low noise high contrast easy installation low consumption <420W/m2 3 year
warranty 2 years warranty
pixel pitch
waterproof IP30 DIP LEDs SMD 3in1 LEDs front access rear access front and rear access modular design color processing NEW

High transparency and translucency

Depending on pixel pitch the translucency is upto 80%. If the LED display is lit up, it is impossible to tell it istransparent, when powered down it is impossible to see it is there at all. Installation of LEDbow GS LED display doesn't change face of a building and doesn't interfere with inside workflow.

State-of-art design, low weight

The LED modules are mere 8mm thin with area weight of at most 12kg/m2. Therefore they don't put significant pressure on glass areas. Power sources with electronics are placed under or above the LED screen in a tailor-made boxes. Placement and design of the box is always based on customer's needs and is specifically designed not to interfere with interior.

Simple installation and maintenance

No structural intervention to the building is necessary in order to install the display. No construction work, no mess, no distruptions. The installation is comparable to mounting normal window display ads. LED modules are glued on glass with special UV glue, that doesn't take more than 10 seconds to harden. The glue is completely transparent and doesn't leave any odour. Glass is not altered in any way after disassembly and the glue doesn't leave any traces.All maintenance is done from the inside of a building. Window washing is possible by simply unmounting the LED modules from mounts on the glass.

Format and custom resolution

Thanks to the unique manufacturing technology it is possible to tailor the display to exact dimensions of the destination glass to eliminate empty space. Special software allows defining frame thickness and space betweenglass panels so that the resulting image is not deformed. The whole screen.

Wide range of applications

Signboards, advertising screens in shop windows, citylights, bus stops, railway buildings, airport halls, shopping centers, office buildings - in short, wherever at least part of the building has glass walls. Design doesn't have to be just clear, but is available in all shades of gray upto black - the LED display LEDbow GS is then fully comparable with conventional LED displays. Opaque design may be useful for citylights, glazed alcoves, windows and other places where transparency is not desirable.

No permissions necessary

Thanks to the indoor placement and non-permanent installation with glue there is no need for building permit.

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